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CEN's orphanage

Our orphanage provides accommodation, emotional support, nutrition, health care and education to seven children. CEN believes that children that are provided with opportunities and a nurturing environment will develop into happy, independent and valuable citizens. We believe that the personal and professional success of every child from our orphanage will become a model for any disadvantaged child, which strengthens the value of our projects.


CEN's orphanage was established in 2002 as a reaction to political violence in the village of Jogimara. Some of the first children who came to CEN were from this village and experienced the same tragedy. Fathers and/or older brothers of these children were killed in a clash between government forces and Maoists, while working as laborers on a construction project in the Kalikat district in western Nepal.

Since men are typically the only source of income in a Nepali household, these losses constituted not only a tremendous emotional loss, but also an extreme financial hardship for the mothers and their children.

CEN decided to help this community and therefore established the orphanage to offer children an opportunity for a better life. CEN believes that all children have a right to food and shelter, a loving home environment, education and opportunities for individual development. A child that lacks these necessities, is considered an “orphan” in the eyes of CEN and therefore welcome in the orphanage.

Since its founding in 2002, CEN has taken care of a total of twenty children in the orphanage. Thirteen of them have already returned to their communities. Since June 2010, the number of children living in the orphanage is seven.


The orphanage has moved twice since its establishment. The current location is in the residential neighborhood of Naya Bazar in Kathmandu, at a 15 minutes walking distance from the tourist district Thamel. The orphanage is located in a fairly new building with private grounds. On the ground floor is a common room with a dining area, a kitchen, toilets and a volunteer's room with accompanying bathroom. On the first floor are separate bedrooms for boys and girls with accompanying bathrooms, a caretaker's room and a small storing place. On the second floor is CEN's office and a large roof terrace.

If you would like to visit the orphanage, please contact us.


The caretaker who currently lives in the orphanage and looks after the children is Mrs. Bimala Pandey.


CEN has developed a budget for the orphanage and other current CEN activities, as well as a cost estimation for its future projects. The expenses for the orphanage are presented below in two major currencies (Euro and USD):

  • 12 children per year: $23,356 / €14,864
  • 12 children per month: $1,947 / €1,238
  • one child per year: $1,947 / €1,238
  • one child per month: $162 / €103

Click here to open an article about daily life at the orphanage, written by one of our volunteers.