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In order to finance your stay abroad, you can organise some sort of fundraising. If you have not yet done this, we would like to provide you with some ideas that can help you to collect funds.

First of all you should share your plans about volunteering abroad with your family, relatives and friends. We are sure that they will want to support your honourable plan by means of small donations. If you don't feel comfortable about asking people for money, you can perform small jobs for them in return, e.g. washing the car of your father, helping your grandmother in the garden or ironing the clothes of your aunt.

Further, you should think of any special talents that you or your friends have. If you are a good singer, you could organise a small concert in your garden or at an event in the village. If you have friends who are good at drawing, you can ask them to provide some of their artworks, which you can sell to friends or the community. You could also clean out your closets and sell any unneeded things at a garage sale or a local flea market.

Some other ideas for fundraising:

- E-Bay Sales

We are sure you have some things you do not need anymore, e.g. old shoes, clothes that are too tight or toys from your childhood. Try to sell them via E-Bay. You will see that even small amounts count.

- Sponsored run

Participate in a marathon or half-marathon or any other run and search for a sponsor who donates a certain amount for each kilometre you run, e.g. USD 5 per kilometre. In case of a half-marathon of 21 km, that would provide you with USD 105!

- Sale of self-made cakes

Sell self-made cakes or cookies, either in your neighbourhood, in front of schools or in the shop of your father.

- Ask for donations of local charity groups or other associations

There might be charity or religious organisations in your community which support community members who want to do some volunteering work.

- Ask for the help of schools - provide presentations in exchange

School children in your country might be eager to help children in Nepal. The school could organise a certain event with your help, and the money raised at the event could be added to your budget. In exchange, you can give a presentation about your stay in Nepal.

- Private tutoring

If you have specific skills, you could teach others for a fee. If you speak German well, you could give German lessons. If you are good at maths, you can give math lessons. Usually, there is always a demand for such lessons, maybe even in your neighbourhood.

- Ask for cash gifts for your birthday and Christmas

Inform your family and friends in advance about your plan and ask them to give you cash instead of any other presents.

- Organise a raffle

Local companies may provide you with the prices for the raffle.

Obviously, there are many ways to raise some funds. Don't be shy and involve all the people you know. You are not doing this to enrich yourself but to support poor and needy people. Many people want to be helpful, but they do not know how to contribute in an effective manner. When providing money to you, they can be sure that their contributions will benefit a good cause.